What is the best thing to do for stiffness in the knee?

What is the best thing to do for stiffness in the knee?My whole knee is stiff after playing basketball
There is no pain. It is just stiff and hard to bend

- beefwhore
chop your leg off!!!

seriously, go see a doc before all the cartilage has worn away and you need a knee replacement.
If that happens you will NEVER play basketball again

- anitarhs
Maybe try rubbing around the knee cap? It could help by letting the blood flow down the leg and everything to keep the blood circulation running through the leg.
If it doesn't go away in a couple of days, its best to see a doctor.

- Barry P
I had a similar situation and the worst part was trying to sleep. I would lie on my right side and try to crack my left knee like some people do with their knuckles. Once it cracked I was okay.

Don't know if it'll work for you but it was like magic for me.

- Azuka
The best thing after an injury with significant after-effects is to see your doctor.

You may need just to give it a rest while it heals.... or you may need some special treatment. Nobody on YA can treat your medical condition without examination and proper training.

- rhay
if its just stiff.. id say keep it moving. just keep bending your knee. it should help to increase the blood flow to your knee. if it continues, you may want to consider seeing your doctor, because you may have an alignment issue.

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